Roam and jump around the surface of tiny planets on a quest for the resources needed to repair your space rocket. 

May contain a jetpack.

Controls :

- Arrow keys or WASD to move around
- Mouse to move the camera
- Space or Left mouse button to jump
- C or Right mouse button to interact
- Esc to open the menu

Credit where it's due :

- The font used in the game is Conthrax by Typodermic Fonts
- Music tracks were based on a suggestion by

Made within 7 days for Blackthornprod Game Jam #2
Theme : Mini Planets


Download 29 MB


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checkpoint system is screwed up:

A. camera doesn't always focus on respawn point.

B. nothing to stop respawning in lava. 

C. does not reorientate character if rotation becomes majorly skewed.

really enjoyed this - once i worked out how to get the jetpac ! great work .