A ninja's life is harsh. Your enemies may die in one hit, but so do you. Make the best out of the equipment you can gather to overcome dire situations against all odds.

All assets, except for the fonts and sound effects, were created during the jam.

Made within 5 days for Weekly Game Jam 53, with a very straightforward take on the theme "One Hit"

This started out as a roguelike idea, but due to a very peculiar approach to time management, most random elements were scrapped in favour of a series of puzzles using the implemented  mechanics. This game may go back to its intended roots at some point in the future.


OneHit_Ninja_Windows.zip 16 MB


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awesome game, really love the concept!

Lol, I barley passed the tutorial, I did't understand who kills who, when 2 walk into the same cell. Interesting game tho, maybe Im just too bad. Great job !