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At first I thought (like most of the other commentators here, I guess) that the game is quite slow, but when I noticed in my second try that the "Add sugar" button is there and fully functional... Oh boy, that was just great! You give every player the chance to increase the difficulty level as they please, and that's just when the retro highscore vibe intensifies. :D You nailed the whole Game-and-Watch aesthetic so perfectly as well, that's some really great work! That's why I recommended your game along with three other jam submissions in our COFFEE JAM compilation article, and put one minute of gameplay into the accompanying video. :)

Do not be seduced by the sugar cubes, dear strangers, because there is only the Black Coffee God!

Best wishes,

Great game! LOVE the Game & Watch aesthetic. Excellent work!

Really simple and nice game. As a feedback maybe the start is a little bit boring, I think it could be tuned a little bit... Good aesthetic too!

Thank you for the nice comment. The game is indeed quite slow and easy in the beginning, to allow first-time players to get used to the trajectories. Did you make use of the "Add sugar" button to increase the number of sugar cubes ? I usually start with 4 of them, then switch to 5 once I get into a good rhythm.

No I didn't know you could do that.. Well that changes everything then! ☺️👀 

Really nice G&W aesthetic and cool game!
Thank you! : )

Wahoo ! I want this Game&Watch !!!  Great Game !

Very cool! I like the concept and the idea of the caffeine meter. A simple, but strategy-oriented game. And as a black coffee drinker, I can dig the premise. 

Such a cool idea, i like how you have to drink coffee to keep up your speed.

Great game! The Game & Watch style is heavily underused in a lot of games in my opinion. Gameplay is a lot of fun, but it seems like there's a limit to how fast you can move left/right? Like, rapidly tapping doesn't get you to the other end of the screen as fast as you'd expect. Still, it's really great!

Thank you for your input. Indeed, it does not play exactly like a good old Game&Watch. Your moving speed decreases along with the coffee gauge in the upper right. You can actually move instantly for a little while when it's full, but moving from one cup to the next will take 1/10th of a second when it's 80% full. That's why spending some time regularly at the coffee machine is of tremendous importance, especially as the number of sugar cubes increases.

Somehow I completely missed the explanation of the coffee machine in the description... Thanks for explaining!

All around awesome game, fun, pretty creative, and I love the visuals.